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Sometimes it's just nice to hear you are 'valued'!

5 April, 2021

Honestly, how often do you hear it?

Having been involved in the 'people industry' for over 35 years (whether that be a sales environment or the radio industry) it has only been on the rarest of occasions that I have been told, "you are valued". And for me, it's the single-most important thing a manager, or company, can share with you. I mean you can always go out and chase more money if that's where you feel your fulfilment cup will get topped-up, but in the end, if you still don't feel valued, then how much is that extra cashola in the pocket really worth? And being told "you're doing a great job" or "we love your work" is NOT the same thing!

I learnt from great managers. So when I was in charge of small, and very large teams, I made sure this feeling of value was shared. Always! And I hope that feeling was bottled up by those who received it and 're-gifted' later as they continued their own journey, managing their own teams.

It doesn't take much. Especially when you witness individuals, or teams, putting in a load of solid work. Work that far outweighs that of colleagues. 

So, my advice to you, for what it's worth...go out of your way (if you need to) and let those around you know just how important and VALUED they are!

~ Daz


How bloody good is it to be Australian!

26 January, 2021

I’m writing this from our enormous king size bed overlooking the ocean from our hotel room in Surfers Paradise. It’s a pretty tough gig but I’m giving it my best shot! 

Every year on Australia Day I make sure I do something to reflect and remind myself how lucky we are. It will always involve a drink (or two) because... STRAYA! Today will be no different. We’ll no doubt stumble across a bar somewhere and get ourselves caught up in something patriotic that’s happening down by the water. 

THAT, is what we Aussie’s do! 

I’m not one to get involved in politics so I’ll keep things simple and have a snag, a slice of pav or half a packet or tim tams (we don’t judge), and soak up all we have here in our beautiful country. 

Whatever you’re doing today, cheers to you and yours and enjoy!

We certainly will. 


~ Cindy


What exactly IS "normal" these days?

17 January, 2021

Is it just me, or does it still feel like we're cast members of the (average) TV series, LOST?

I mean, think of our last 12 months: the pandemic dropped on us without much notice; built to a huge opening; and since has simply plodded along with seemingly no plot as we all sit and wait for the next 'big scene'. Hopefully that never comes, but I have a feeling this "series" is far from over. Our friends in New York and London are experiencing far greater pain than we are here in Melbourne, and I'm sure they would be more-than-happy to see this TV drama axed.

Our thoughts continue to go out to them.

Seeing people going about their business each day, it seems to me the majority are simply over it! Choosing to 'roll the dice' with this nasty little fucka and take as many precautions as they deem appropriate. And I totally get that. I took a ride into the city on the train yesterday to see my boy, and at no stage did I feel concerned about what I might catch or if COVID would decide to ride with me. Apart from the mandatory (to most) mask-wearing, commuters sat and did their thing without any noticeable concern nor worry. People went about their shopping; rode the trams; fed the pigeons; and ate (or drank) their lunch. Plenty of laughter and little obvious concern.

Is this the new "normal"?

For me, I want the beast in the jungle to show itself so we can deal with it and end this big screen global disaster. Hand me my sword...I'm on to it!

Take care.

~ Daz



5 January, 2021

My holidays have ended. (Inset middle aged woman having a tantrum and fighting back tears).

Melbourne has certainly not turned on the weather as we expect for our summer holidays either so plans for enjoying walks and day trips haven’t gone to plan. For the past two days it’s been cold and the rain won’t let up. It’s a little dramatic to say, but it’s depressing. It hasn’t been a total waste of time because I’ve been forced to pretty much do nothing and reset.

That said, I got bored and cleaned out my wardrobe, pantry, linen cupboard and arranged a hard rubbish collection for the junk that seems to accumulate in my house. Where does that stuff come from?

So, I suppose that’s a wrap on Christmas 2020.

Now to look forward to a better year than the last one (surely it couldn’t be worse) and never take for granted the small things. So, for the remainder of my last day off while it continues to rain, I vow not get out of my pyjamas, binge watch trashy tv, eat a yummy lunch and maybe even sneak in one last nap!

Happy New Year everyone.

~ Cindy


Hey, did you know it's almost Christmas?

22 December, 2020

Is it just me or do you feel a shift in mood the week of Christmas?

I know it sounds stupid, but I woke up this morning and thought, “okay, it’s Christmas now”! It’s like a switch has been flicked. Even though I’ve been doing all the things, I still feel different. I've shopped, wrapped presents, my house it now “visitor ready”, I haven’t forgotten the dogs present and my pantry is full of all the fun things we never have that aren’t allowed to be opened until I say so!  

It’s something wonderful. I feel happy! Even though this year can go bite me, I feel like a weight has been lifted and I’m ready to throw back a festive drink, eat and be merry.

For many, this year has been so hard and that’s certainly not something to forget. As a social person, I’ve struggled with not being able to go out and have unplanned drinks on the weekends and go for long drives to any destination just because I felt like it, but as we leave this year behind and hopefully start fresh in the new year we will always remember what a year it was and never take for granted the freedom we have grown up knowing was ours but never really appreciated until now.  

I’m raising my virtual glass to you all and wishing you a Merry Christmas. I hope you’re able to spend it with the people who mean the most to you. 

~ Cindy x 


My top 5 most favouritist (dazzarism) Christmas movies

19 December, 2020

It's always tough trying to fit 13 festive movies into my top 5. Much the same as having 26 "top songs of all time" in my top 5! However, I gave it a "red hot crack" as they say in the classics and have come up with the following.

• At #5, 'The Santa Claus' (1995). This classic sees Tim Allen as a toy industry executive who transforms into jolly old Saint Nick himself. The original Santa Claus takes a fatal, accidental fall (yikes -- Santa dies!). Guns are drawn as Tim Allen's new "Santa" gets arrested by police. There are grown-up (and gross) jokes, and the movie deals with divorce and estrangement between a father and son. While the whole plot revolves around the idea of Santa being real, many characters talk about the fact that he might not be -- so this may not be the best fit for families looking to extend kids' belief in the big man.

• Coming in at #4, 'Scrooged' (1988). As Frank Cross, the ratings-mad program chief of the IBC television network, Bill Murray’s contemporary Scrooge is a joy as long as he’s making life miserable for everyone around him. When, finally, Frank sees the error of his ways, the movie succumbs to its heart of jelly. It would be hard to improve upon the classic, after all, and Scrooged not only sticks to the Charles Dickens plot, but makes it believable as a modern fable.

• Taking the #3 position is Arnie in 'Jingle All the Way' (1996). Howard Langston (Schwarzenegger) is a man so busy that, come Christmas he has forgotten to buy his son (Lloyd) a present. The boy wants what every other boy wants - Turbo Man. Unfortunately, they're so popular, by Christmas eve they can't be found for love or money. Desperate not to disappoint the lad, Harold sets out on a classic odyssey of consumerism. Great performance by Sinbad also.

• The "almost #1 spot" is the always controversial 'DieHard' (1988). Bruce Willis plays New York police detective John McClane, in Los Angeles for an uneasy reunion with his semi-estranged wife, having failed to support her career move out there. While at her office building, owned by a Japanese corporation, the whole place is taken over by fanatically armed German extremists lead by Hans Gruber. It’s an incredible 80s time capsule...and's a Christmas movie!

• No surprise here, at #1, 'National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation' (1989). Clark Griswald (Chevy Chase), a hard-working father of two teens, is determined to show his family a fun-filled, old-fashioned Christmas in this classic. By the time all of the in-laws and a crude second cousin show up, Clark has 25,000 lights stapled to the house and this predictable comedy is in full swing.

Whatever Christmas movies you enjoy (your list ain't as good as mine), it's a great time to sit down with family and dive deep into festive fun.

~ Daz