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Cindy likes to describe herself as passionate, outgoing and dedicated to everything she strives for. As a shy young girl she had goals and dreams to present and perform. What a shame she didn’t have the confidence she has now, back then! 

Her career highlight to date would be presenting on channel ten’s award winning programme 'The Project'. This once shy young girl is now a woman with unstoppable passion! When she isn’t entertaining listeners on Extra Butter or heading up her cover band belting out her favourite song, 'Don’t cry out loud', she is running her own business, Umbrella Supportproviding personalised, flexible and genuine care in a support service which will enhance lifestyle, learning and vocational opportunities for people living with a disability in an inclusive and welcoming environment.

"I am so grateful for the opportunities I have been presented with in more recent times. I co-host this great radio show every week (as the funny one - don't buy into Daz's bio below) and have had hundreds of opportunities to sing, perform and present".

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With over 30 years sales, marketing & advertising experience, some would say Daz if far too qualified to be co-hosting breakfast radio [well, actually Daz says that himself]! 

"It's obvious to most that I bring the personality aspect to the team. Perhaps it's my charm? Or perhaps it's my friendly and welcoming demeanour? Or my brilliant sense of humour? I'm not sure, but as they say in the classics, 'when you've got it, you've got it!'. Oh yer...and ignore anything Cindy may have said in her bio!"

A lover of all things 80s, it's what you're gonna hear most mornings! Plus, constant reminding of his time in the spotlight on one of Australia's all-time TV classics, 'Perfect Match'. He notes his strengths as socialising and speling.

Daz also owns and operates RadioVoice - a Radio & Podcasting Skills Building Program specifically created for the disability sector.

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